Our Mission

‍Pavonis is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of discovery and inspiring a healthy global future.

We imagine a world where researchers around the world are empowered through innovative tools to explore new frontiers in knowledge and discovery, shaping a future where every challenge is an opportunity for growth.


Coming from the worlds of clinical research and consumer software, our founders are driven to create better tools for discovery and diagnostics.

Aaryn Flynn, co-founder of Pavonis Diagnostics.

Aaryn Flynn

Aaryn Flynn is a technology business leader and software developer. A computer scientist by training, Aaryn has worked for over two decades in game development and consumer software. Outside of that he is an investor and board member in several technology startups. He has MBAs from Queen’s University and Cornell University.

“I have been excited for the potential of this technology from the moment I first heard about it. It is a privilege to offer my experience and thinking to Pavonis as we look to support laboratories, patients, and their caregivers with our unique approach to rapid quantification.”

Dr. Todd McMullen, co-founder of Pavonis Diagnostics.

Dr. Todd McMullen

Dr. McMullen MD PhD is a surgeon-scientist that completed his medical and surgical training in Toronto and Edmonton, Canada as well as Sydney, Australia. Focused on bioengineering, Dr. McMullen has authored several patents designed to improve patient care and guide surgical therapy. Dr. McMullen has published more than 90 manuscripts, multiple patents, and has been cited over 4000 times. His focus is integration of novel engineering technology with care pathways and research protocols.

“I see this innovation as transformative because of its simplicity. We want to take the process of antibody validation from hours to minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional tests. We have built a platform to help researchers validate their results and connect around the world.”